The Joys of a Children's Book Author

Can I just share a few of the things I love about having my first book published? Yesterday I read to the first graders at Adams Elementary School here in Logan, the last school I taught at before leaving teaching 5 years ago.

I LOVE going back to my former school as an author.

I LOVE having the cutest little Hispanic girl ever with long black hair sit as close to my knee as she could, say to me, "Your hair used to be black like mine didn't it." Yes, it did, and I don't mind one bit that it's mostly gray now.

I LOVE going to the Logan Library where I've been a patron for more than 20 years and reading my book at story time.

I LOVE seeing my book on the shelf at the library.

I especially LOVE that my first fan, a Hispanic little boy, asked his mother to be taken out of school just so he could come see me read my book at the library and get his picture taken with me.

I LOVE that I can use my skills as a teacher and make my presentation educational.

I LOVE having the local bookstores call me and ask me to bring down more books because they've sold out of what I've brought them.

I LOVE seeing my friends at my one and only book signing, but especially having people drift over who don't know me and pick up my book and buy it!

I LOVED recording a CD with a song I wrote to go along with the book and recording an audio version of the book. I LOVE the idea of recording it in Spanish as well.

I LOVE doing school visits and conferences with Shaunda who is finding her way as a new children's book author as well.

I LOVE Rick Walton, picture book author extraordinare, for opening this door for me and being so gracious with his time and expertise! Thank you Rick!!!

Judith Torres

That is very cool Judy! Well deserved. It's a great story. May it be the first of many.

And yes, there is nothing at all like seeing the response of kids when you read to them when they meet you as an author. It's exciting to see kids wake up to the fun of reading because of you.

Keep at it. It just gets better.