Judith E. Torres

Judith E Torres is a real amazing hero! Well, at least according to the story on Shannon Hale's blog. Hale, an award winning children's book author, wrote it after Judith won a drawing at a Writing for Charity event. Its worth the few moments it takes to read.

Judith is an accomplished writer, speech-language pathologist, English as a Second language teacher, and--most importantly--mother of two wonderful children, who are now doing the heavy lifting and discovering new vistas in their own lives.

Judith has set her sights high because she now has half a life time of knowledge, experience, and adventures to share with children and fellow authors.

Judith grew up on a farm in Santa Cruz, New Mexico. There was never a dull moment in the house filled with two sets of twins and three older kids. It was evident early on that she was destined to be a teacher as, before the age of two, she was already trying to teach her twin brother Joe neat tricks like using a bowl as a hat. (Judith got to eat standing up after that.)

Her family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico when whe was eight. That is where she graduated from hich school. She went on to earn a bachelor's and master's degree in speech-language pathology from New Mexico State University. Judith worked with children as a speech pathogist for 22 years before she received a certification to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). She taught ESL at the elementary school level for the next six years.

Judith is energetic and constantly on the go. Her adventures range from traveling around the world, to enjoying a short hike or bike ride around the neighborhood.

She is also involved in service to their community. She also helped start a very successful Community Garden in her area.

She also was involved in establishing a non-profit organization, Youth Discovery Inc., which encourages multi-cultural youth to reach their full potential. Learn more about it at www.youthdiscovery.org.

After 28 years of teaching, Judith is excited to have time to do what she's always dreamed of doing; WRITING! Judith published her first book, Duck Duck Moose. The publication was a collaboration between her own publishing company, Educators To Authors Books, LLC, and Lazy One, a company that manufactures pajamas.

In 2008 she received First Place in the Utah Arts Council Juvenile Fiction writing contest. In 2010 she received Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest 79th Annual Children's/Young Adult Fiction writers competition.