Here's the latest about Judith E Torres

Educators To Authors Books, LLC

The Educators To Authors Books, LLC website is up and running, and looks great. Visit it at or

Little Reader

Gavin enjoys reading Duck Duck Moose in his matching pajamas. Watch his video.

Long Distance Customer

Max lives in England and came to visit Grandma Gail in Logan. They made a stop at the Lazy One to buy matching pajamas to go with Bearly Awake and The Monster Under the Bed Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies books.

Time To Re-Order

Great news from the Lazy One! Time to re-order Bearly Awake which means that we sold out of the first printing of 5000 in 4 months!

Thanks all you Bearly Awake fans!!!

Stokes Nature Center

I will be reading my books and doing a program for children ages 4 to 7 years at Stokes Nature Center in Logan Canyon this Saturday, Oct. 13th.

Cache Valley's Finest

Duck Duck Moose on display at the Book Table with a sign, "Cache Valley's Finest." I had a moment believe me!

Cara & Derick

Bearly Awake gets two thumbs up from my daughter Cara and her husband Derick. When Cara saw that it was dedicated to she and her brother it brought tears to her eyes.

That is the best review ever!!!

Judy Schachner

Here's the other Judy that is an author also, and just a little bit more well known than me, for now anyway! Judy Schachner, author of the Skippy Jon Jones series was at the Book Festival last weekend.

Brandon Mull

I met Brandon Mull, author of Fablehavan, at the Book Festival this past weekend. I'm hoping his talent and success will rub off on me! He's very cool!!!

Olivia & Cliffard

Judy had a very BIG day at the Writing for Charity event. She met not one but two of her favorite picture book characters, Olivia and Clifford. It was almost the happiest moment of my life!

Bearly Awake Book Reading

I read Bearly Awake at story time today at the N. Logan Library. You know your book is a hit when 45 children under the age of 5 years of age are quiet for the whole story!

New Books and Pajamas

Both books arrived at the Lazy One ( last week and have matching pajamas available for boys and girls, ages 2T-10T.

I LOVE being an author! Thanks for letting me share my good news!!!

The Monster Under the Bed Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies Debut

April 2012--The Monster Under the Bed Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies made it's debut at the North Logan Library story time. Both the book and the chocolate chip cookies were a hit.

It warmed my heart when the 50 kids and their moms gave it a spontaneous round of applause.

The book and matching pajamas are now available through the Lazy One,

Out of all the Monster books displayed on the table for story time, this cute little girl choose The Monster Under the Bed Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies to read with her mother and little brother. She is now my favorite little girl at story time!

Bearly Awake Debut

Bearly Awake debuted at Baby Animal Days, where there were baby bear cubs. I wish I could say they were there just for my book debut, but I'm not that big (yet-ha)! Last week I read it to a 2nd grade class at Edith Bowen and the kids gave it a great big two thumbs up. Tomorrow I'm going to read it at the N. Logan Library for story time. It is a great book to practice prediction with kids and SO much fun to hear their ideas of all the trouble the bear might get into next.

Winter Gift Market in Logan

Dec 3, 2011--What a great day selling books at the Winter Gift Market in Logan, with my friend and author extraordinaire, Shaunda Wenger. It was wonderful to see so many friends and a great way to celebrate my birthday today.

The second printing of Duck Duck Moose arrived just in the nick of time!

Books & PJs on their way

the new spring Lazy One Catalog just arrived and has a two page spread featuring my two new books and matching pajamas coming out in April. Stay tuned for more info...

Judy's first real check as an author

Judith celebrates her first check as a published author! She also announced that she is working on two more books that she hopes to have available, in collaboration with the Lazy One, in the spring.

Repeat reading at the Logan Library

Judith was asked back to Logan Library to do a second reading where more than 80 children attended previously.

The Golden Braid Bookstore book reading

August--Judith did a book reading at The Golden Braid Bookstore in Salt Lake. They had the cutest display ever of the puppets to go along with the book. "Thank you Golden Braid! You made my day, week, and month!!!"

Torres shares her thoughts about being an author

Can I just share a few of the things I love about having my first book published? Yesterday I read to the first graders at Adams Elementary School here in Logan, the last school I taught at before leaving teaching 5 years ago.I LOVE going back to my former school as an author. Read more ...

From typewriter to recording studio

May 2011--My friend Nyla and I recorded a CD to go along with the book this week. We had more fun than two over 50 year old gals are allowed to have recording the Duck Duck Moose song. I also read the book aloud for the CD. I'll send you a couple more pictures for you to put on the website.

Edith Bowen School book reading

April 26, 2011--Vaughn Larson, Media Specialist at Edith Bowen Charter School asked Judith to spend a day reading to his students.

Logan Library book reading

Friday, April 15th at 11:00--Judith will be doing a reading at the Logan Library's story time during the Library's National Library Week celebration.

Baby Animal Days book reading

April 8th and 9th--Judith did a book reading at Baby Animal Days, hosted by the American West Heritage Center, Wellsville, UT.

UELMA Book Reading

March 25, 2011--Judith enjoyed another book reading with her friend Shaunda Wenger, author of "Little Red Riding Hood; Into the Forest Again," and "The Ghost in Me," and I were co-exhibitors at the Utah Educational Library Media Association (UELMA).

Judith does a book signing

Judith held a book signing at the local Hastings.

Judith does reading for local kindergarden
Judith does reading at North Logan Library
Don't duck out on the opportunity or you might Moose out!

Judith's first book is now available and being enjoyed by little animals anywhere.

Judith Wins Writing for Charity Drawing

Judith E Torres is a real amazing hero! Well, at least according to the story on Shannon Hale's blog. Hale, an award winning children's book author, wrote it after Judith won a drawing at a Writing for Charity event. Its worth the few moments it takes to read.