Duck Duck Moose Reviews

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That is very cool Judy! Well deserved. It's a great story. May it be the first of many.

And yes, there is nothing at all like seeing the response of kids when you read to them when they meet you as an author. It's exciting to see kids wake up to the fun of reading because of you.

Keep at it. It just gets better.

Rick Walton,
Author of over 90 picture books.


This is your cousin Matt Bigbee. It was such a pleasure to read about a clumsy moose to my Kindergarteners. It is a great book and I had a lot of fun doing what Kindergarten teachers do best, nearly act out the words just to keep their fragile attention. I have read lot of books but it is a joy to tell my audience that I not only know the author but she is my cousin. They thought that was very cool.

Please, anytime you are in the Corrales, NM area (you don't need a passport) it would be a joy for you to come by my classroom. I would be honored to introduce you to my little munchkins.

Duck, Duck, Moose is a charming book about of friendship, encouragement, and perseverance. The adorable animal characters and witty text provide an engaging, inspiring experience for children of all ages! The thoughtful story elicits heartfelt discussions about kindness, acceptance, helpfulness, and determination. My students loved everything about this book!

Catherine Ermer
1st Grade Teacher
Logan, Utah